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Fleet Control

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Fleet and Asset Management

Comprehensive use-tracking from initial planning, to acquisition, through disposal. Our First Choice Solutions include:

Equipment Warranties (including claims and reimbursement)
Lifecycle Tracking (features 15-point replacement system)
Preventive Maintenance (per asset)
Asset Inventory Monitoring (for fleet growth and size)
Multiple Meters (features transaction tracking)

Services and Solutions

Maintenance & Labor Tracking

Parts Inventory & Processing

Asset Meter Readings & Import

Asset Sharing, Rental, & Reservations

Vehicle Maintenance Portal

Maintenance and Labor

Create Work Orders at the department level to capture cost centers of an asset
Ability to view real time work in progress for both direct and indirect labor
Touchscreen capable real-time shop floor labor tracking (Technician Workstation)
Ability for technicians to electronically request parts directly from the shop floor utilizing Technician Workstation without disrupting work flow
Track and manage all technicians, including direct and indirect charges

Parts Inventory & Processing

Feature Overview

Comprehensive parts activity tracking including recording all ordering, receiving, issuing, returning, and transferring
Ability to display full parts history
Online ability to generate reorder list by vendor based on usage history
System uses perpetual inventory methodology which allows you to look at a snapshot of your inventory for any given date and time
Ability to cross-reference different vendor numbers for a given part or find acceptable substitutes for a given part